From: Gloria (
Sat Aug 25 23:05:47 2001

At Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Shali wrote: >
>Hi -
>I have an upcoming surgery and need to know how many of you had doctors
>that used Seprafilm - if it was successful OR NOT and how long has it
>been SINCE that surgery. Any and all replies are appreciated from those
>whose doctors have used it and dont forget to include how long it has
>been since your surgery. If Seprafilm doesnt work, I would like to know
>who it hasnt worked for and why, if possible.
>Thanx - Shali

Hi Shali

I had surgery on July 9th using Seprafilm. It took for weeks for the surgery pain to go away. Unfortunately I was only pain free for about 12-14 days. The same pain in the same area is coming back along with the bowels not seeming to function well (like they did when I was 100% pain free). I'm not sure why. I wish you luck in your upcoming surgery.

Best wishes for pain free days, Gloria :)

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