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From: Millie (
Sat Aug 25 14:16:27 2001

Dear Rose, It's a sin what they put you through. Seems as if many employers have NO compassion.... like employees are just a number. I went through aggravation with the unemployment office about 8 years ago, and basically had to "bite my tongue til it bled." Keep right after them, and good luck. Millie

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> Well, folks, my company has rejected my short term disability claim for
> the 3.5 weeks I was off work due to a fibromyalgia flare-up. I will
> appeal the decision but I just don't feel confident that I will win. I
> guess since I have a sedentary job (computors) and my physical therapy
> could have been done outside of working hours, they couldn't understand
> why I couldn't make it into work. Gee, couldn't be that I was in so
> much pain and my muscles were twitching and spasming all over the place
> that I couldn't get out of bed, much less drive, could it? NAAHHHH,
> never happen.
> They have already given my job to someone else and have placed me on the
> 'bench'......that is I am not on any project and not making them any
> money. They have let people on the 'bench' go before...isn't it
> interesting how many euphimisms (spelling?) that corporations use? My
> 'People Care' manager (Human Resources) basically told me to go out
> myself (alone) and see if there was anything available. Lots of help he
> is, he probably knew about the rejection before I did.
> Well, that's my sob story. I'll have a busy day scaring up the
> paperwork I need for the appeal.
> kcmo rose
> p.s. You think I should tell them that the only reason I'm here now is
> because I'm taking pain pills?!?!?!?!

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