Bad News

From: Rose Lunn (
Fri Aug 24 07:14:47 2001

Well, folks, my company has rejected my short term disability claim for the 3.5 weeks I was off work due to a fibromyalgia flare-up. I will appeal the decision but I just don't feel confident that I will win. I guess since I have a sedentary job (computors) and my physical therapy could have been done outside of working hours, they couldn't understand why I couldn't make it into work. Gee, couldn't be that I was in so much pain and my muscles were twitching and spasming all over the place that I couldn't get out of bed, much less drive, could it? NAAHHHH, never happen.

They have already given my job to someone else and have placed me on the 'bench'......that is I am not on any project and not making them any money. They have let people on the 'bench' go before...isn't it interesting how many euphimisms (spelling?) that corporations use? My 'People Care' manager (Human Resources) basically told me to go out myself (alone) and see if there was anything available. Lots of help he is, he probably knew about the rejection before I did.

Well, that's my sob story. I'll have a busy day scaring up the paperwork I need for the appeal.

kcmo rose

p.s. You think I should tell them that the only reason I'm here now is because I'm taking pain pills?!?!?!?!

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