Re: Sally ,Thanks for thinking about me!

From: toni welsh (
Sat Aug 25 07:20:08 2001

At Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Browkenwing wrote: >
>Dear Sally,
>Thank-You so much for caring about me! I have not been on my computer
>since my last posting. I had my exploratory laporotomy on July 17th.By
>the grace of God I found this Dr because I was emotionally and
>Physically at my bottom! I am doing really well now but it has been such
>a long, long road!! The Dr. said I had adhesions all over the left
>pelvic and abdominal area. They where all over my intestines and that
>is why my bowels wouldn't work. He said I was covered with them and it
>took him an hour and a half to cut them down, then he used the Interceed
>barrier. I am still a little sore because he didn't use the laproscope,
>he had to cut me from hip to hip, which concerns me alittle but he said
>he checked for adhesions everywhere and that he got them all! My bowels
>are still giving me some problems but I can now go on my own with the
>help of just a couple stool softners. But the most important thing is
>this week I have been eating REAL food "OH MY GOSH" I did not know how
>wonderful food could taste I have been savoring every bite! I had been
>drinking Ensure and jello for the last 8 months and I had lost 120lbs in
>the last year half. I have not felt this good in so long! I am also
>scared that I feel to good! Isn't that crazy! This was my 5th surgery
>and I am so afraid that the adhesions will come back I really don't
>think I can go through all this again! Anyway enough about me how are
>you doing? I sure have missed everyone and I hope everyone is O.K. I
>need to do some catching up on things huh! Well Thanks again for being
>my friend It is wonderful to know people still care for others!
>Big Pain Free Hugs To All
> ~Browkenwing~

Brokenwing, I too am glad to hear that you are feeling better so far! I hope this is the LAST for you. A least your drs understand that adhesions on the bowels are causing them not to work. I too could move my bowels for three weels after my last surgery, so obviously that was my problem too. The general surgeons here do not want to listen to it, and my pain management dr says NO MORE surgery!! I will keep you in my prayers!


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