From: Heike F. (
Fri Aug 24 09:45:12 2001

At Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Robin wrote: >

Dear Robin, Where is this Dr. Correll located in Germany (town)? I would be interested because my son has to go to Germany every 3 to 4 months anyway to see a specialist for his condition. I could go see him, perhaps, when my son goes the next time. Thank You! Heike

>Dear Brenda
>All is not lost!! Do what I did & several others on this board have done
>& try Dr Korell in Germany. It is a lot less than PA & Dr Korell is an
>expert in adhesions. My cost was about $6,000. but it could be done
>for less. I spent 3 weeks in Germany & took home lots of gifts. Think
>about the idea. If you want more information about Dr Korell, there are
>several that will tell you he is a compationate, caring man & Dr.
>At Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Brenda wrote:
>>Well hello evrybody again this is me Brenda. My last posting I sounded
>>a little bit happier because I had been in touch with Dr Gerhart. As he
>>had asked me to call his office and talk to his seceretary about the
>>financing part of the surgery saying that Canadians have been covered
>>for surgery in the States , well it is not and my surgery would cost me
>>at least $20,000.00 well unfortunalty I cannot come up with that kind of
>>money. So my dreams of being pain free have been shattered I am just so
>>upset and feel like I just don't know what to do now. Sorry I am
>>venting to you but I was just so happy to hear that there was a doctor
>>who could finally help me. Well thank you for letting me get some of my
>>frustrations out.

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