From: Colette (
Fri Aug 24 08:49:59 2001

Brenda, Don't give up! Many of us here can not afford that! I would like to be able to have them do surgery too! But G#d knows i can not afford it either! At one time i was ready to give up but thanks to everyone here i' can fight this one day at a time! Ya sure i have bad days ! But you need to keep searching as i am for DR.I Live in Az and am searching for a dr here to help me and in the mean time i just keep busy and live on pain oills and rest when i can its just a way for me to deal for now! Hang in there sweetie it will all work out! Love ya colette >
>Well hello evrybody again this is me Brenda. My last posting I sounded
>a little bit happier because I had been in touch with Dr Gerhart. As he
>had asked me to call his office and talk to his seceretary about the
>financing part of the surgery saying that Canadians have been covered
>for surgery in the States , well it is not and my surgery would cost me
>at least $20,000.00 well unfortunalty I cannot come up with that kind of
>money. So my dreams of being pain free have been shattered I am just so
>upset and feel like I just don't know what to do now. Sorry I am
>venting to you but I was just so happy to hear that there was a doctor
>who could finally help me. Well thank you for letting me get some of my
>frustrations out.

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