From: Brenda (
Thu Aug 23 13:04:43 2001

Well hello evrybody again this is me Brenda. My last posting I sounded a little bit happier because I had been in touch with Dr Gerhart. As he had asked me to call his office and talk to his seceretary about the financing part of the surgery saying that Canadians have been covered for surgery in the States , well it is not and my surgery would cost me at least $20,000.00 well unfortunalty I cannot come up with that kind of money. So my dreams of being pain free have been shattered I am just so upset and feel like I just don't know what to do now. Sorry I am venting to you but I was just so happy to hear that there was a doctor who could finally help me. Well thank you for letting me get some of my frustrations out. Sincerely Brenda

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