Re: Ultram Addiction

From: Jay B. (
Thu Aug 23 21:41:04 2001

At Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Joshua Friedman wrote: >
>I am an attorney doing research on the addictive potential of Ultram. If
>I find that many people have become physically dependent on Ultram, I
>will consider bringing a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.
>If you have experienced withdrawal syptoms when stopping Ultram, or are
>unable to stop taking Ultram, I would be grateful if you could drop me
>an email, or call me at (212) 308-4338. All contacts will be protected
>by the attorney-client priviledge.
>Joshua Friedman

Dear Joshua, I have been taking Ultram for severe pain due to Crohn's Disease for the past five years. I have had issues with withdrawal and dependency and feel that I am unable to stop using this drug. Ultram is effective in controlling my daily pain and allows me to function, I am happy with it's results. I had to stop using for about a week because I was unable to refill due to financial issues. During that very painful, horrific week, I experienced terrible withdrawal, i.e., most severe symptoms were sweating, nausea, vomiting, tremors. I do not use any other substance, have never had a problem with dependence before using Ultram. Please contact me with any information you have. Thank you.

Jay B.

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