Surgery for Adhesions...No technique or preventive measure is 100% reliable!!

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Thu Aug 23 17:33:43 2001

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Question: Ovary Removal and Adhesions

I had two children delivered by c-section in '81 and '89. During the second delivery, the doctor said I had a lot of scar tissue. In 1997 I had an abdominal hysterectomy and again the doctor said that I had a lot of adhesions. I started hurting badly last year, if I stood up too long I would hurt. I had a laparoscopy to cut the adhesions, but this time I have almost started hurting as bad as before the surgery. I talked to my doctor to see if she knew another doctor who could perform some kind of treatment surgery, instead of just cutting to adhesions. She said she would not go back in unless it was to take my ovaries out. Another doctor did a laparoscopy and told us before she went in that if there was anything wrong with my ovaries she would take them out. I'm ready to try something different. I'm so sick of being in pain everyday. I'm not thrilled about having sex, due to the pain the next day. I would like to know how I can find other doctors that have performed any different surgeries to try and prevent the adhesions from reforming.


Unfortunately, adhesions are a fact of life whenever intra-abdominal or pelvic surgery is performed, regardless of the skill of the surgeon. While some people tout meticulous dissection, the use of synthetic barriers and other preventive measures, no technique has ever been proven to be 100% reliable in preventing surgical adhesions.

There are nonsurgical approaches to managing pelvic pain, however, and you may want to ask if any nonsurgical option may be appropriate for you personally. Your doctors can be very helpful resources in this matter, and you can also inquire if an evaluation at a multidisciplinary pain center may be an option. Good luck, and Thank you for your e-mail!

David Toub, M.D.

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