Re: Adhesion Symptoms

Wed Aug 22 14:26:51 2001

At Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Starwing wrote: >
>Hello Everyone,
>I am new here and was wondering if you guys would describe what your
>symptoms were when you first felt you had adhesions. I'm looking for
>what you feel and if certain things affect it more than others. I have
>some pain near my bellybutton, a dull ache but it is there all the time.
>There is no pulling, it is more of a feeling when you have not eaten for
>a long long time. I had an imbilical hernial repaired in Feb, so I'm
>wondering if it could be from that. However, the ache does seem to move
>sometimes up to my chest and above the bellybutton at times, but never
>goes away. Its as if someone is holding their first on top of my
>stomach. Any suggestions? I can run, walk , eat whatever and it stays
>the same. Actually feels a bit better when I walk.
>Thanks everyone for all your replies.

I really don't know anything about adhesions but I am having
the same symptoms. I had abdominal surgery in 97 and I can feel
a thickening at the incision site. I am seeing a surgeon in
early Sept and will try to keep you posted.

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