Re: does exercise aggravate adhesions~to marianne & shali

From: Heike F. (
Wed Aug 22 05:40:03 2001

I wanted to thank you both for your response. My husband wants me to exercise again (because he doesn't like to do it by himself), but I guess I just will not risk it. He is so tired of my complaining all the time. I know not to say anything else anymore, because I am afraid he will just roll his eyes at me. Don't get me wrong, he is very sweet, but is just frustrated because I brush him off at night. Plus we can't "spoon" anymore at night, because his heavy arm hurts my belly.

Oh well, guess I will not go back on the "Total Gym". What a waste of money, but I don't want the pain to get worse and I know it will not get any better by doing it. I'll try some things such as walking and stuff.

Thanks again ladies. HEIKE

At Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Marianne Bolding wrote: >
>Heike, I asked my doctor about this on Friday last
>week. I wanted to do sit-ups (bloating probs :-( )
>He sort of frowned on it. No weigth lifting. I do a
>10 lb bar bell, though, anyhow. It helps strengthen
>my back as I have scoliosis. I say a light form of
>exercise is good. Sitting on your butt all day will
>give you hemmorhoids...LOL (ended up with a case of
>that---yuck) I like to stretch, yoga stuff, and
>walking. If pain is too much you'll know to stop.
>But always let your body take the lead. It knows
>better than any doctor out there. Love, Marianne
>--- "Heike F." <>
>> Hi everyone
>> I was just wondering if exercise worsens adhesions.
>> I remember last
>> year when we bought a "Total Gym", I would work out
>> all the time. Then
>> I started having more and more problems, which
>> eventually lead to
>> surgery in April. I was just wondering if working
>> out, i.e. exercise,
>> worsened my adhesions, which are from a tubal
>> ligation back in 1995, or
>> if it was just a matter of time anyway. I was
>> thinking about getting
>> back into my exercise regimen, but if it could make
>> things worse, I will
>> not think twice about it.
>> Thanks for your reply.
>> Heike

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