Re: Hi All-Great news!

From: Gloria (
Wed Aug 22 01:55:21 2001

HI Kathleen,

My surgery was done in Miles City, MT, at Holy Rosary Health Center. Dr. J. Randall Rauh. 406-232-7660. He is a very compassionate Dr. He seemed very knowledgeable about hormones, estrogen, adhesions, intestinal obstructions, and the all important BM department. Much more so than the 12 other doctors that I saw before finding him. I've been feeling 'achy' today....hopefully it's just because I have been doing too much. I feel like there's 10 years of cleaning to catch up on even though I only bought this house 2 years ago LOL. Some of my girlfriends just shake their heads in wonder when they see and hear how happy I've been just doing simple housework. What a thrill for me, though. I'm sure many on this board understand this kind of strange comment.

Oh, by the way, love your email address. It makes me smile and gives me a reminder every time I see it to keep a good attitude.

And you better believe I REALLY WAS jumping for joy. Just because I could. LOL

Good luck in your search,

Best Wishes, Gloria : ) wrote:

> Gloria,
> Please share who & where your surgery was performed. I have been
> looking for
> a surgeon who will use the Seprafilm and have not been able to find
> one.
> Congratulations on a successful outcome!!
> Jumping for joy for you, Gloria!!!
> ~Kathleen~

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