Re: Trying to understand Mom's condition

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Aug 21 20:27:05 2001

Dear Jessica, please email or These are doctors who specialize in adhesions. It sounds like your mother's abdomen is filled with adhesions, sticky, stuff that grows where it is not supposed to. If the adhesions were bad enough they could have covered the intestines and prevented them from moving (hence "frozen") These adhesions need to be removed by experts. There are only a few doctor in the world that are any good at it. Please tell them your story and see that they say. Good luck and write back. We know you care and we'll try to help. We've all been through numerous surgeries with lots of similar medical problems. It can get better. You need the right doctor. Maybe you you have a wonderful doctor, but usually things don't get better on their own. Dr. Redan, or Dr. Reich or Dr. Gerhart, all together in Penn or in N.Y.C. can help you. Good luck and write back. Love, Sally


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