Trying to understand Mom's condition

Tue Aug 21 15:38:45 2001

I'm not quite sure that i'm even in the right place, but, here is my story. On June 27 my mother had surgery for a carconoid tumor in her stomach. Two weeks later she had surgery again for a bowel obstruction, which was successful. Two weeks later she had another surgery for a bowel obstruction. The surgery lasted for 8 hours and the doctor came up and told my family that there wasn't much that he could do because when he opened her up it was like her intestines were like "cement". He said he couldn't even get to the area that he thought the obstruction was because everything was like "cement". Since that day, the doctor has many times told my father and myself that eventually, this would correct itself and then he can go in and clear up the obstruction. He said that she may need to be in the hospital for 4 months until her intestines "come alive" again. This is very confusing to me, so any information or any direction that i could be pointed in would be a great help to me. Thank You.

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