Re: Miralax

From: judy (
Tue Aug 21 14:52:20 2001

At Thu, 7 Sep 2000, toni welsh wrote: >
>Has anyone here taken Miralax? My GI dr gave it to me awhile ago, and I
>cannot seem to get it down, he said it is safer than the senekot at the
>high doses I take, it has been a week now for bowel movement, as always
>the only way I seem to go is to take senekot, and if it does not work, I
>take an enema.

Dear Toni, fI have had trouble with constip. for 16 yrs. My internist said I should try Miralax. I had been taking it about 10 yrs ago under the name colyte. It does work but after 2 days I had an allergic reaction. I'll wait a bit and try again. It does not taste good. That's probably why I stopped before. Good luck. Judy I,ve used Milk of Magnesium and lactulose and Metumucil and suppositories when I need it.

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