To Diane - recent surgery

From: Rose Lunn (
Tue Aug 21 08:05:27 2001


I had adhesions removed from my abdomen and my bladder in May. I tried to go back to work after 2 days, but it ended up my being out a week longer. Even then I probably should not have tried, but I had only had this job for 6 months.

My belly button was still tender up to the beginning of July, the doctor says he must have irritated the nerve and if it continues, he'll inject it with lidocaine to get it to calm down.

The gas they used gave me some shoulder and belly problems that cleared up by the 3rd week.

My incision sites are no longer tender, that stopped around the middle of June.

My bowels returned to normal after a month. I stopped needing pain medication, including Tylenol, about this time also.

Unfortunately, by the end of June, I started feeling that bad old pulling pain in my right side. I also started having trouble with my bowels. It could be just my bad hip reacting to the additional movements and causing the pulling, who knows. Of course all this set off a flare-up of fibromyalsia, took my two months to come back from that....actually still working on it.

But, my belly button feels almost normal and while the pulling is still there, it is not so painful that extra strentgh Tylenol can't handle it.

Hang in there!

kcmo rose

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