To Diane/ recent surgery from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Aug 20 19:33:06 2001

Dear Diane, I understand you have had laparoscopic surgery for adhesions just three weeks ago. I had the same thing on June 28th this year. I was still extremely sore after three weeks. I just got the video of my operation. Yes, they had a camera right in there through these little tiny holes. After I saw what they had to do, its no wonder I still hurt. That gets better with time. It's way too soon to make any judements about your operation's success. You have to heal first and that can literally take a few more months.

As to the depression, everyone is different. Our bodies have gone through years of pain, followed by the outrage of surgery. It's no wonder we get depressed. There are also indiviudual life factors that are different for everybody. Sometimes, we've lost jobs or relationships or friends, because no one understands.

I'm incredibly depressed right now. Now that it's been seven weeks, my husband wants the Inn cleaned up (ITS already clean, but our living space and the office are filled with piles because I've been in the fetal position for hours on end each day.) Well, now he wants it CLEAN and he wants it done now and he's yelling at me.

So that's enough to make anybody, even someone who has been strong enough to make a successful business, while in agony, just about as depressed as you can be. I hope I didn't make you more depressed. But you are definitely not alone. We're here for you and we're not going away. So please write and we'll write back and I'll try to cheer up if you will. Remember, tomorrow is indeed another day, and things do get better. The sun comes out, the birds sing, someone does something nice for you. We care. Love and gentle hugs, Sally


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