Re: Who are these doctors? Dr. Reich and Redan

From: shali9 (
Mon Aug 20 19:14:46 2001

> I went to Stanford in California where I spoke to an intern/resident for
five > minutes after speaking to a nurse for an hour. They didn't give me any

They dont do that anymore. They are into misdiagnosing or NOT diagnosing

The resident also told me he had a couple of ideas, but wouldn't tell > me what they were. Well, I have some ideas too, and that is that they
didn't > have a clue, and were perfectly willing to humilate me, take up my
precious > time and charge me a fortune, with no realization that I was in agony and
that > what they were doiing was morally and ethically wrong in my opinion.Sorry,
I > got carried away.

Well, Sally, no one gets more carried away than me on THIS subject so I have to really keep it toned down here. I LEFT a hospital [arriving emergency for obstruction] three days into their egotistical bullcrap and had someone drive me 240 miles to another hospital. Dont quite know anyone who wouldve done this in my shoes but I would rather DIE before I ALLOW them to touch me if they dont give ME the answers IM paying for. Included in their fee by the way, IS NOT humiliation. They should be charged for ALL of this. Until then, they wont HAVE to work for their money [unlike the rest of us]. Morons they ARE.


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