Re: Who are these doctors? Dr. Reich and Redan

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Aug 20 13:50:48 2001

Dear Jan, yes, Dr. Redan, Dr. Gerhart and Dr. Reich's office answer their e-mails. They are wonderful and can do amazing things, e-mail them today.

I went to Stanford in California where I spoke to an intern/resident for five minutes after speaking to a nurse for an hour. They didn't give me any advice, said they would call me, never did, and billed my over $500. They are supposed to be top of the line, but not for adhesions. They didn't have a clue, except to send me to a psychiatrist. I had a letter from one here locally, who said I didn't need mental help, I had very painful adhesions and needed help with that. Their response was since I had already been to a "shrink" I must need one, therefore, I had to see their's at some exorbitant hourly rate. No thanks. The resident also told me he had a couple of ideas, but wouldn't tell me what they were. Well, I have some ideas too, and that is that they didn't have a clue, and were perfectly willing to humilate me, take up my precious time and charge me a fortune, with no realization that I was in agony and that what they were doiing was morally and ethically wrong in my opinion.Sorry, I got carried away. U.C. Medical at S.F. was no better. Love, Sally

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