Janet - dealing with Endo...

From: Wally (wallamara@hotmail.com)
Sun Aug 19 23:57:46 2001

Hi Janet,

I don't know a lot about endo, but I agree with Lillian, you DO NEED to see your Gyno asap! If you still have your ovaries, endo will continue to grow if even one little cell has been left behind after your last procedure. The doctors in Sydney told me that you need very strong birth control pills, or something to supress ovulation completely. Please read the information that Helen Dynda has posted here on this subject. As we know....knowledge is power, and it means taking control of our own health.

Best wishes,

love,hugs & cheers,


At Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Msvirgo9459@aol.com wrote: >
> I think if you are having three periods a month you need to consult your
>OBGYN. Your pills may not be strong enough . I don't know about the endo
>after care but I do know about breakthru bleeding with the pill. Hope your
>doing well .
>Love and Hugs

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