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Sun Aug 19 20:15:50 2001

Jo, I was always into walnut wood (60's stuff) but now I am trying to brighten things up and have switched to oak. I just need to get new kitchen cabinets yet and lighten the walls. We were ready to do it but now my husband's work is getting bad and we are praying they don't close the doors so everything is on hold. JEAN

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LOL you are sooo right about the cherry loungeroom is full of cherry wood furniture....very traditional, down to the cabinets & nesting tables etc!

Our family room is a lot more relaxed, cumfy sofa & reclyning chair....big floor cushions for the kids! Walnut wood is beautiful too isn't it? I love the colour & texture of it.

love, hugs & cheers, Jo

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>Sure glad that wasn't cherry wood burning.......awfully expensive even for furniture and cabinets, sure wouldn't want to burn it (LOL)!!! Give it to me instead (Tee Hee)!
>"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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>Dear Wally Jo, What does cherry wood smell like? I've burned redwood, cedar,
>oak, madrone, eucalyptus, fir, acatia etc. They're all different. I bet you
>have different trees from us. Is there any special smell to cherry wood. I had
>an old pear tree that finally fell over. We seasoned the wood and hoped that
>it would be special, but it was really all in my head. Anyway, I'm grateful
>that we don't need a fire and that I have you as a friend. Love and kisses,
>P.S. I just reread your e-mail and realized you're not burning cherry wood,
>but have a cheery fire. Oh, well. What kind of wood are you burning? I think I
>need to fill up the holes in my head with something. Any ideas?

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