Re: Belly Button Pain

From: marianne bolding (
Sun Aug 19 13:12:26 2001

Chrissy...sorry you to hear your in pain!! I hope that you feel better today. If not, I hope you get it checked into. I was reading something about hot and cold as pain management. said to soak in warm bath, then top with a cool shower, then repeat this method 1 or two times, then use a heating pad on the area. I haven't tried it, yet. If you can't get to the doc right away...maybe this would help with the pain a little. (I know pain can be so bad that a 4X4 truck smacking into you would feel better..). I hope your able to eat and hold down your foods and that your having bowel movements...(aided or not). Love, Marianne --- wrote: > I woke up this morning with my usual pain - but
> along with this pain, my
> belly button hurts in it, around it, and beneath it.
> It feels as if I was
> punched in the stomach. As the day is going on, the
> pain around my belly
> button is getting worse. Has this happen to anyone?
> I feel as if I'm going
> to unravel and blow
> Hugs and Love,
> ~Chrissie xo's

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