From: marianne bolding (
Sun Aug 19 13:10:15 2001

Brenda, I think it's a great idea. When you're ready to do it there's no better piece of mind then to know you are being cared for by the best. I, have been in touch with Dr. G (as he calls himself), just to have an idea of what the cost would be, how far in advance, procedures, etc..., so if and when I would ever have to feel that surgery is what I need to relieve bowel problems...I know where I am headed. I will not have another surgery till I couldn't live with it anymore, though. Noone can offer 100% cure of re-occurence. There is still risk even with the best of surgeons. Take Care and Good luck! Love, Marianne

--- Brenda <> wrote: > Hello everybody well I have some good news not
> totally sure about
> everything but here it is, I have been talking with
> Dr. Gerhart about
> my problems with adhesions and he has told me that I
> am a good canidate
> to have surgery, and that it would be covered in the
> States. Something
> positive for me to think about it will take awhile
> and I have alot of
> things to think about but there might be a ray of
> sunshine at the end of
> my black tunnel. If any of you have any comments
> about my new news
> please feel free to tell me I am not jumoping into
> everthing just yet
> but I am really thinking about this.
> thanks
> Brenda

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