Re: Belly Button Pain

From: Janet Karam (
Sun Aug 19 00:36:03 2001

Dear Chrissie,

I've been gone since very early this am until now...just checked in before going to bed and saw your post. Are you okay? A sudden or severe new pain like is cause for concern...did you speak with the doc or go to ER? Please tell us how you are when you get a chance And please...don't evr let us hear you even thinking of feeling guilty about sharing your pain with us!

I love you sweet Chrissie-bear,


I woke up this morning with my usual pain - but along with this pain, my belly button hurts in it, around it, and beneath it. It feels as if I was punched in the stomach. As the day is going on, the pain around my belly button is getting worse. Has this happen to anyone? I feel as if I'm going to unravel and blow Hugs and Love, ~Chrissie xo's

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