ok I need to find a doc how do i do this?

From: Colette (luckylady379@aol.com)
Thu Aug 16 10:04:14 2001

Ok now that i'm back on insurance i either need to get my gyn to take a look or just listen to me or i need to find a doc in AZ that deals with adhesions or something! I'm so afraid that i'm going to get a dr that will mess me up even more! But financially right now i can oly get one here! I'm hoping that in the future i can go to PA or NY or even germany! But i need to do something right now! I woke in tears last night i hurt so bad hubby told me to find someone soon to quit putting it off which i'm doing! So please help or at least give the right direction i'm so confused, i was thinking of calling the ob/gyn that did my surgery to see if he'll do anything! Any advice i would appreciate it! love you all colette

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