Re: Bowel Obstruction?? To Lesa

From: Colette (
Thu Aug 16 08:25:36 2001

Hi Lesa, I'v had that problem i did'nt go for a week and boy that is the worst feeling! I went to the ER alls they did was give golytle yuk! What i did is i did not eat or drink anything but water for awhile and i also hate taking anything as it makes me sick so i took milk of mag and just liquids until i had a bm which in like a day i was going and i continued until that full feeling was gone! I still do this on and off! I can't eat much a night so i eat small meals during the day and generally nothing after 3pm except liquids! Hope this helps! I know how you feel and if it continues call your doc.!big hugs your way!! love colette >
>Hello! I have a problem and am a little scared, I wanted to see if
>anyone had any advise. I have been having severe pain the last few days
>(more than usual)and really hadn't that good of a bowel movement in a
>week or I thought I'd take a laxative last night. Well I took
>four senokot's last night and still all today, nothing! I am afraid I
>have a bowel obstruction, my stomach is all bloated and the pain is
>pretty intense. I just took four more laxatives and I'm hoping by
>tomorrow morning they will have worked. But what if it doesn't? HELP!!
>Love you all,

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