Re: Had surgery, but pain is back

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 16 03:25:13 2001

--- "Heike F." <> wrote: > Hi, I have never posted a message.

Hi Heike...welcome to the board. Sorry you're suffering with this...but, glad you've found a place to talk and get some of the emotion off your chest. This site has given me knowledge, emotional release and support, and a few close relationships along the way. I hope and encourage you to do the same. >Could I have

adhesions again so soon? Unfortunately scar tissue forms in the first seven days after surgery...from there it can connect to other organs that are close by and for some, it is just a matter of time before the tightening begins and pain is felt. Helen Dynda had an article on this. I saved it and will try to forward it to you. >I
> don't want to have
> surgery every six months, but is that what I have to
> look forward to?

That's how I feel...and what I think. It's either surgery or pain meds and management. Neither are an easy choice to make. When bowels are affected sometimes you have no, it might be best to check into surgeons earlier rather than later...that way you have the best laproscopic surgeon possible if and when the time comes. >Is there anything else I can do? Eat foods that are

easy to pass through the system. Talk to your doc about vitamin deficiencies though for the foods you've had to eliminate. Vitamin deficiencies can lead to serious medical illnesses. If you cut fiber maybe you could try to take a supplement (powder metamucil) or your bowels can break down--metamucil is not a is a dietary supplement. Increase your water intake. Other than that...there's not much you can do. I pray you start passing normally...(as funny as it sounds to pray for that)'s just I know what I went through and it isn't funny at all. Just take care of yourself. (Do I sound like a preacher?) >Also, can

someone > suggest an over the
> counter pain reliever that is effective. I haven't
> found anything that
> will work, except prescription (Darvocet). Is the

Darvocet able to cause constipation? check the drug sheet from the pharmacy. I suffer with nyproxen. Sorry >Sorry this message is so
> long.

Yours!!! You should see mine! Take Care...Good Luck...Marianne >

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