Questions to ask your prospective doctor:

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Aug 15 19:03:36 2001

[]> Questions to ask your prospective doctor:

~ ENDOMETRIOSIS-RELATED QUESTIONS ~ 1.) How many patients per year do you diagnose and treat for endometriosis?

2.) What is your theory on the cause(s) of endometriosis?

3.) What is your approach for treating endometriosis?

4.) What approach do you prefer to control the occurrence of chronic pain?

5.) Is the gynecologist likely to also see me for other physical symptoms, other than colds, etc.?

6.) How much experience do you have with laparoscopies, laparotomies, hysterectomies?

7.) How do you keep on top of the current knowledge base regarding endometriosis?


1.) Are you accepting new patients?

2.) What are your office hours?

3.) How long have you been in practice?

4.) Are you board certified?

5.) What billing arrangements do you accept?

6.) Does the office file insurance claims for patients?

7.) At which hospitals do you have surgery privileges? Who will be doing the billing in these instances?

8.) If you call the office with a medical question, can you speak to the doctor directly?

9.) Who do I see if you are on vacation?

10.) How long is the wait for appointments? Is it possible to be seen within 2-3 days of my call or 1-2 months?

11.) How willing is the physician to refer you to a specialist, if need be?

12.) Is the doctor associated with a hospital or medical clinic?

13.) If you have a preference of a hospital, does he or she have admitting privileges there?

14.) Does the doctor's office have an on-site lab? X-ray facilities?

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