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Dear Brenda,

I think one of the best things you can do is hang out with us on the message board for a while, not only to read current posts but also to read through the archives. You can search the archives for specific info, such as "hysterectomy"'ll find that many have stories similar to your own, and maybe that in itself will help you in feeling that you are not alone.

Many of us opt for surgery when the pain becomes so much, that the risk of surgery is not high compared to continue living with so little quality of life...only you can know when you get to this point. I am currently managing pain with medication as I just had surgery last March, and am not ready for another. Are you currently on any or adequate pain meds?

Hang in there...take your time to educate yourself if you can before making any decisions just is important not to pick just any old surgeon but to choose him with great care and confidence. If you read through the quilt, you will understand all this alot better.



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Well I am a 38 yr old mother of two. I had a hysterectomy 11 yrs ago.

It was a partial hysterectomy leaving the ovaries in, well in 1993 they

had to go in and remove my right ovary and my appenix because adhesions

had tangled them together. Approximately 3yrs after I gaad to have

surgery again to remove the left ovary part of the right ovary that

remain and also the adhesion that where connected from bowel to bowel.

This is where my story really starts being pain free for several yrs

this past Nov/2000 the pains came back went and saw my gyn and he sent

me for xrays nothing showed he then told me he was going to refer me to

the pain management clinic in Ottawa. Well the waiting list is 2yrs,

and so I tool it upon myself to get a second opinion , I did and the

doctor told me there was nothing he could do because it really wasn't a

gyn problem so this doctor sent me to a surgeon. Well I went they sent

me for a barium test to see if there was an obstruction, there was not

and the surgeon told me that I just have to learn to deal with the pain.

Well I have not been working since Feb/2001 and dealing with the pain is

so hard there are days that it is so bad I cannot get out of bed. I am

at my last rope with all this I cannot fuction normally and I can't do

alot of things with my children because of the pain. I really don't

know what to do. I want me back and I just feel like it is a losing

battle and no one seems to understand if anyone out there has any advice

please help me. Sorry about the long message but I just don't know what

to do.

Thank you Brenda

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--- Janet Karam


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