Re: Reaching out for some advice from Ottawa Canada

Tue Aug 14 13:44:14 2001

I am right were you are. I have had over 10 surgeries for ovarian cysts and my pain is so intense I have problems coping. Ive seen doctors, had every kind of test, acupuncture, healers....... and its comes back to adhesions in the bowel and intestine area there is no blockage but the pain is horrible.

I am so tired of doctors saying there is nothing they can do except surgery which just adds to the problem. I dont like taking pain killers they just make my stomach upset and dont really work. A few glasses of wine work to at least get me to sleep until the bowels start again at 4 am.

You are not alone as I am just finding out. I have seen so many different doctors and just found this web site on my own. Wouldnt you think with all the information available to the medical proffession that a gyn would at least know of this organization???

I am sorry I havent given you any ideas to help with your pain. SOmetimes Yoga and stretching helps but its temporary or getting in a swimming pool or the ocean so you are weightless but that is only temporary.

Good luck

Cathy Kissel

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