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Tue Aug 14 09:24:23 2001

At Mon, 18 Jun 2001, edward k vinson wrote: >
>To: "anonymous"
>I too have back pain, mine is low. I ended up with a "total hysterectomy"
>many years before my last Lysis of Adhesions and my lower back pain started
>after that surgery and this is pain I had not had before my adhesions were
>removed this time. It was explained to me as this (this explanation came
>from three unrelated doctors): my adhesions had involved my GI tract
>extensively and once the adhesions were removed my intestines were "freed"
>and dropped down and back which is "normal" after a hysterectomy BUT as this
>happened parts of my intestine adhesed to the back of my pelvic wall, I
>continue to experience most of my pain in the lower back and this pain
>radiates down both legs often. Please be aware that I went through every
>test possible and when they all came back negative all three doctors agreed
>on the explanation above. I wish I could give you a "cure" for the pain but
>the only thing that eases my pain is medication and a heating pad.
>I wish you pain free days.
>In Friendship,
>Ann (in Georgia)

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>Subject: Anyone have back pain as a result of pelvic adhesions?
>> Hi. I am about 3 1/2 yrs. post surgery for removal of extensive
>> abdominal adhesions, hysterectomy and oopherectomy, appendectomy, and a
>> procedure to tack up my bladder. It was a real mess in there! I have
>> been having trouble with chronic back pain, and am going thru my second
>> round of physical therapy. The physical therapist thinks much of my
>> pain may be due to the abdominal surgery and remaining adhesions. Anyone
>> else have this kind of problem? What helps? What doesn't? Any feedback
>> would be appreciated.

I have had a hysterectomy and also two major back surgeries I am now having some terrible pain
is it possible that this pain could be from scar tissue? I do
know that when I had the hysterectomy that I had a lot of adhesions.
Thank you in advance for any advice

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