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From: Robin (
Tue Aug 14 09:19:06 2001

You are lucky they will be able to repair the hernia at the same time. I am having bladder problems I think are caused by the adhesions. The Dr did talk to me about having it stretched & pulled up at the time of my surgery (tomorrow), but after we talked about it, we both decided it might cause more adhesions to mess with the bladder so we hope the surgery will help with the bladder problem, but if not, at a later time the urologist would be able to go in laprascopicly to repair my bladder, which will reduce the chance of more adhesions. robin

At Tue, 14 Aug 2001, marianne bolding wrote: >
>Jan...this is a letter I sent to one of the Doctors
>you are talking about. You will see they are very
>helpful and responsive to e-mail questions. Send them
>an e-mail...My best...Marianne
>--- "Clark D. Gerhart" <> wrote:
>> From: "Clark D. Gerhart" <>
>> To: "marianne bolding" <>
>> Subject: Re: adhesions & hiatal hernia
>> Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 23:31:23 -0400
>> Marianne,
>> Your hietal hernia can certainly be repaired at the
>> time of adhesion
>> surgery. Both are done laparoscopically (using only
>> small holes, and no
>> large incision) to speed recovery and prevent
>> reformation of adhesions. To
>> be considered for treatment you must begin by
>> filling out the history form
>> found on the adhesion page at
>> I will forward
>> this email to our office so they forward your
>> history form to me as soon as
>> it arrives.
>> I look forward to discussing your treatment with you
>> further.
>> Clark D. Gerhart, MD, FACS

>>>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "marianne bolding" <>
>> To: <>
>> Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 3:48 AM
>> Subject: adhesions & hiatal hernia
>> > I have been having pain from a prior adhesions
>> removal
>> > done on June 28th of this year (fallopian tube to
>> > sigmoid colon and the ovary to a ligament in the
>> side
>> > wall...labeled as "rather dense")...On Monday
>> (after
>> > an upper GI) a hiatal hernia was also found.
>> > My question is...if my pain continues to worsen
>> over
>> > the next few months and I considered having
>> surgeory
>> > at your clinic...could you also repair the hernia
>> at
>> > the same time? I would like to consider repair to
>> the
>> > hernia as I do not wish to be on acid inhibitors
>> for
>> > the rest of my life (as they can cause tumors) or
>> > deal with a strangulation as I age. I am 32 now.
>> Nor,
>> > do I wish to have two seperate laporoscopies
>> > performed...(assuming you can use this method.)
>> > I believe the problems were caused by an auto
>> accident
>> > as I had never had prior surgery before adhesion
>> > removal. Thankyou. Marianne Bolding-AZ
>> >
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