My operation video / Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Aug 13 22:43:44 2001

Dear friends, I just spent the last two hours watching a two hour video of my adhesion surgery with Dr. Reich and Redan. Yes, the camera was actually inside my abdomen and it was incredible. My adhesions were big massive columns filled with tissue, blood, and nerves connecting everything (not really) , then there were long stringy ones connecting things, then ones wrapped around my intestines. He gently moved all of my organs and intestines around and removed the adhesions. It's no wonder we hurt so much, dear friends, if you could have seen what was inside of me and probably most of you, you would be amazed. I'd like to send a copy to every doctor who's ever said its all in my mind and shove it down their throats.Sorry, for that display of hostility, but after 35 years, I think I'm entitled to some. I also don't know if they'll come back or not, but I really, really, really hope not. If anyone wants a copy, I'll try to have some made. It's a mind blower. It's also gross and and not for the faint of heart. Love, Sally

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