Re: Had surgery, but pain is back

Mon Aug 13 20:10:12 2001

Dear Heike:

Unfortunately this is the vicious cycle of adhesions - surgery, adhesions, surgery, adhesions. Some of us have decided that it is not worth it to undergo surgery after surgery only to have them return time and time again so have taken the only alternative and that is pain management. Nothing else has worked for me except to stay on pain medication to try to live a normal life. Nothing over the counter is strong enough to take away the adhesion pain for me and large doses of advil, etc., can be damaging to your body (causing internal bleeding). Perhaps you can look into finding a pain clinic that will help you with the pain from this disease.

There are a few adhesion barrier gels that are going to be approved by the FDA that we are hoping may give us some hope of the adhesions not reforming after surgery. Only time will tell if there will be successes from these gels, and I am sitting back waiting until I see the outcome of the use of these.

Hope that you will be able to find some help.

In Friendship,

Helen C.

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