Re: here is a picture on my new addition to my family

From: marianne bolding (
Mon Aug 13 17:49:35 2001

Millie, I know mine's a person. If he wants a walk or a vita-bone then you'll surely get the guilt trip then. He lays his head on your knee and looks right at you all sad. :-(...just like a kid who didn't get the "hip" shoes he wanted or didn't get to play. Marianne --- Millie <> wrote: > Hi, Chrissie,
> Imagine having two pairs of guilt-tripping eyes
> peering at you. We go through that every day
> with our dogs. They are very proficient in that
> area and know it. I talk to them as if they are
> little people... well... aren't they?
> Love,
> Millie

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> hi Millie sweetie,
> oh my God you are so right, he does give a great
> guilt trip and tries to get
> away with it. it works with my 6'3inc. hubby, but
> only 1/2 the time with
> me.......tee hee
> here is wishing you an awesome day Millie,
> love ya,
> Chrissie xo's

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