Helen from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (lostcst@mcn.org)
Mon Aug 13 13:21:21 2001

Dear Helen, I don't know. Each of us is different, but what I'm finding is that the oxycontin is too strong for me, I've decided to get off it. I think our bodies get so used to the pills that they can't function without them, so its a double edged sword. We're in such pain we can't function without pain pills, but the pills themself sap our basic energy. I don't have an answer, I'm sorry my dearest, (Sounds like a frigging love letter), I know you have a pool, maybe more swimming would be an answer and maybe you're not able to work. I know you want to, but maybe it's taking too much of your energy and there's nothing left to get out of bed with except the false energy of the pills. With all my love, Sally

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