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Mon Aug 13 11:57:58 2001

When considering unemployment remember that you must tell them that you are able to go out and work. You cannot tell them that you are sick and unable.....otherwise you will be denied.


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> Jean, Hi. I hope you're getting around o.k. today. > I had forgotten about unemployment until you mentioned > it...thanks. > What's wrong is before diagnosis and surgical > procedures...I was bed sick alot...nausea, fainting, > vomiting, and no bowel movements. I "couldn't" work. > I took two weeks off before surgery...had drs. > documentations, filled out paperwork at the main > office for a 30-day leave-that was approved-to have > surgery. (None the less, the principal would call me > all the time..."Am I ready to go back yet?" even > before my 30-day was up). It was stressing me out > that noone was ever "How R U". But, that's > biz...everything they threw at me...I followed. After > I went back to work...I was having problems with the > diaphragm making me dizzy, I was belching these horid > sounds all the time in front of everyone (I had no > control)...the drs. never wanted to test me for > anything quick enough. The surgery was a battle to > get, and the dang GI to find out why I was still so > sick after surgery. I believe if my doc would have > given me the GI when I asked...they would have > diagnosed that hernia sooner and got me on meds to > control the symptoms....and my return to work would > have been successful. (Though, I still have no > control over the belching--water, applesauce, doesn't > matter what I eat). Last night at 3:30am I puked my > guts out. My chest felt like it would explode. I am > literally exhausted. > I don't know what the school will offer me...I have to > wait for HR to call me and see. However, I feel that > this should be illegal to discriminate against me due > to medical reasons. I'm going to fight them if the > offer they make is unacceptable. My father-in-law is > a lawyer and I am going to talk to him about it. I > think the only way I could have kept my job was to > have returned to work and dealt with the regurgitation > in front of others, the belching (overcome the > humility), and not be embarrassed I have to shit 5-6 > times a day all the way up to noon...or not shit at > all and be at my desk cramping up with the hot pad, > let them see I was un-productive due to pain...but, > they would've still used this same excuse to let me > go. > I'm so tired of being blamed that I'm not doing my > best to get better. Tell me I don't come onto this > site and talk about nutrition and exercise up my ass. > It's all I do and think about...I'm sick of drinking > aloe vera juice, and all the dang vitamins, and > watching every little thing I eat, walking and > metamucil every day....but, I do it. I don't need a > soul telling me I "haven't" tried...I called the main > office to see about a 2-day leave extension and they > said it was up to the principal. I called the > principal and he said he had to check with the guy I > had just talked to. Told him I had and what he > said...and the principal completely fakes me out, fake > "get better"...he knew he was going to can me then and > he didn't even have the nerve to do it over the phone. > They know I need the health insurance, too. It's > like a slap in the face after two years with the > school....the extra hours and projects, taking work > home. I need to find out know if they eliminated the > asst. position at other high schools....if they > did...I'll believe...if not, I'm fighting them...I > want to be placed at a completely new school in an > office position that offers medical. I had recieved a > raise for re-classification of the asst. position > while I was on how could it have been > eliminated throughout all TUSD schools. I think it > was just my school...and just me. I need to find out > though...then, I'll know how to pursue it. I'm so > hurt and humiliated. Cobra is too expensive...and my > hubbys insurance is an extra $300 a month for > me...that's way too much. It's like we have to get > divorced so I can apply for low-income health services > and that isn't going to happen. We make too much > money---but, yet...not enough. You know that drill. > Oh, I'll survive...but, what will it take from me and > how sick is this whole thing going to make me trying > to deal with all the crap that I'll know have to deal > with. That'll be a tough one for Miss. > Sensitivity...just staying tough and strong. I feel > like a failure..facing my hubby, and the family that > didn't understand my sickness to begin with, and other > friends I've worked with, my neighbors...everybody. > I tell myself "Who cares what other people > think"...and I realize that "I care". > You've always been the > best to me, Jean...all your words of wisdom and all > the personal e-mails talking about your life has given > me such insight to you as a person. The insecurities > and adversities of your childhood and your disease > that crippled you as a child, your real and in-law > parents and their abuse, your husbands death. You > inspire me with what you've done with your > life...where you've been and where you are > never gave up...and you've made yourself a success > with your home-based business (they should put you on > Oprah) :-) And mostly...that through it all you kept > your laughter and shared it with others and gave of > yourself to so many people. You're a fighter and I > admire that in you. I wish I could hug you, cry on > your shoulder, as I cry know, and hear you tell me > that I can make it...because I feel so weak inside and > it's hard to find the strength to move forward. > You've been a blessing in my life my fellow > Aerian...even through this computer. Love, Marianne > > --- Jean Long <> wrote: > > Marianne, > > Can't you collect unemployment or other > > compensation? > > I am sure they have to give you that, even people > > who get fired for doing something wrong get > > unemployment. > > Don't they have to give some kind of a notice or > > severance pay or something? > > Don't they give you the option to keep the insurance > > going yourself? > > Doesn't your husband have health insurance where he > > works, if so get put on his? > > I am on my husband's insurance. > > > > Do you think maybe they have another position they > > would let you apply for? > > > > I know it is hard to deal with all these issues on > > top of pain, believe me my life has been one > > disaster after another. > > Hang in there and when you calm down you can better > > think of something to do. You naturally must get > > over the initial shock first. > > You can't bring back what you lost but if you calm > > down and concentrate you may be able to come up with > > a solution or alternative. You have the advantage of > > still being young, educated and pretty......places > > want that. There are alot more places to work at and > > maybe even better than what you had, which shouldn't > > be hard from what I have heard from you. > > > > Look at me..... who wants a 52 year old, sickly, > > uneducated old lady (LOL)! > > JEAN > > > > "A Friend is someone who knows all about you and > > still loves you!!!" > >

>> > ----- Original Message ----- > > From: "marianne bolding" <> > > To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" > > <> > > Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001 4:04 PM > > Subject: My job > > > > I guess I need to deal with an issue that has come > > up...I received a letter in the mail stating..."Due > > to > > the recent budget cuts at TUSD (TUcson Unified > > School > > District) your position as a High School Finance > > Office Asst. has been eliminated. The Human > > Resources > > Dept. will be contacting you shortly to discuss the > > implications of your job being eliminated." signed > > my > > principal at the high hands are shaking > > like a leaf. I don't even want to tell my > > husband...and there goes my insurance...couldn't > > even > > tell me to my face at work about this...sent it in a > > letter. Dreaded ARD...thanks for ruining my life. > > I'm a mess now. Just when I try to think > > positive...I > > always end up with some more bad news. It never > > ends...first adhesions, then a hernia, now I've lost > > my job and insurance...and almost all hope. LIFE > > SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marianne > > > > Send instant messages & get email alerts with Yahoo! > > Messenger. > > > > > > > > > > Send instant messages & get email alerts with Yahoo! Messenger. >

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