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From: Karla (
Sun Aug 12 23:47:20 2001

Not yet...but they are very good at forwarding things. I am sure I will have it soon.


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Dear Karla,

A bag of water?!...I will be real interested to hear what your surgeon says about that. I am so happy to hear from you, and so relieved you are all right...hope you got the card I sent to the care of you doc? Love and hugs coming your way!


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Hi all!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am home safe and sound. I had my surgery on July 30th....although to this day I do not understand exactly what was done and why. I do know that they placed some type of tissue or skin expander under one side of my extreme upper abdomen. Originally they had scheduled me to remain in Chicago for six weeks following this procedure. Then days beforehand I was told I would only have to stay two weeks. Two days after the surgery they came into my room and told me I could go home.

When I returned home I had absolutely no clue as to what had been done. But as luck would have it I developed another kidney infection and lots of pain at the site of the wound. When they did a ct scan they found a huge pocket of fluid at the site. They were making plans to open the incision up but called my surgeon first and were told he put a large bag of water under my skin....I guess a different type of expander??? I don't really know. I had originally been told that they were making special expanders and would then place them in my abdomen on both sides. I guess I have allowed myself once again to let the doctors do whatever they wanted without thoroughly explaining things to me. I want to know exactly what this procedure is...what all the steps are that I am going through....I want to know everything.

Anyways after a few days in the local hospital here I am back home....but feeling poorly. I feel extremely I had gone through a ten hour surgical procedure instead of what was done. I do go back to see the surgeon on the 21st....I will get some answers. I am also scheduled to see my pcp one day this week. He was gone on vacation while I was sick so they want me in to see him asap.

I would like to say thank you to each and everyone of you for your thoughts, prayers and cards. While this procedure was extremely minor in my condition it very well could have been deadly. Each and everyone of your thoughts and prayers was heard and appreciated. Marianne...thanks for the is awesome. What wonderful things we can do with a little box...and what love can flow.

Love to all.


--- Janet Karam ---

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