Re: Is This Part of ARD??

From: Janet Karam (
Sun Aug 12 23:11:16 2001

Dear Helen,

Hi honey, sorry you are in so much pain and that it is so all over. You might search through the archives for Helen D.'s postings on RSD and see if that rings true. I experience alot of pack, hip and some leg pain, but fortunately nothing that goes to my feet. Trigger points form in funny places in relation to the actual affected muscle sometimes, I know this from my massage work, and then also due to pain, we may hold ourselves posturely in a way to make a more comfortable shift, and in the end, put strain on a whole different group of muscles. I have been soaking in the hot tub a few nights a week lately, I don't know if you have access to one, but I have found that it helps...I also get a wonderful massage every week from a massage therapist friend I trade with which helps me not with adhesions, but just helping relieve tension in other muscles.

I love you, and hope you get to feeling better soon,


Hello All:

Gosh, feel like I've never been away from the board this long, and if anyone has written me and I haven't replied, I'm sorry and please write again, as I just can't make it through 200 e-mails.

I did try to return to work last week for two days and my body is not cooperating with me. My body is aching and hurting and all I want to do is sleep. I have been feeling like I am going into fibromyalgia as I am used to the adhesion pain, but this is new; every bone in my body aches and I don't even want my feet to hit the floor in the morning. I take my pain pills crawl back into bed and have to wait another 30 to 60 minutes before I can pull my body out of bed. Is this a part of ARD? Does anyone else feel like


I hope to be able to come back on more, missed all of you.


Helen C.

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