Thank you Marianne and Sally....

From: Michelle (
Sat Aug 11 16:06:53 2001

I have been doing as both of you has said. Not laying down so much and getting up to do things. I have had a little swelling in the belly but not with pain. I make sure I rest extra good the next day to let it go down. Usually it does over night.. :)

Sally.. I am not sure what you mean by open incision? I had staples closing it when I was out of surgery but when they took the staples out it was open on the surface skin and I was told not to worry about it. Only about 1/4 inch on each side. It is about 8 and a half inches long so you can see why I am worrying about adhesions. Never was cut in my abdominal area before and it was a horizontal incision.

I was supposed to see my doctor at a 4 week check up but he is on vacation that week. I will not see him until Aug. 27th and will be almost 6 weeks post-op at this time.

Thanks so much again,


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