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From: Jean Long (
Sat Aug 11 15:47:23 2001

Marianne, Can't you collect unemployment or other compensation? I am sure they have to give you that, even people who get fired for doing something wrong get unemployment. Don't they have to give some kind of a notice or severance pay or something? Don't they give you the option to keep the insurance going yourself? Doesn't your husband have health insurance where he works, if so get put on his? I am on my husband's insurance.

Do you think maybe they have another position they would let you apply for?

I know it is hard to deal with all these issues on top of pain, believe me my life has been one disaster after another. Hang in there and when you calm down you can better think of something to do. You naturally must get over the initial shock first. You can't bring back what you lost but if you calm down and concentrate you may be able to come up with a solution or alternative. You have the advantage of still being young, educated and pretty......places want that. There are alot more places to work at and maybe even better than what you had, which shouldn't be hard from what I have heard from you.

Look at me..... who wants a 52 year old, sickly, uneducated old lady (LOL)! JEAN

"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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I guess I need to deal with an issue that has come up...I received a letter in the mail stating..."Due to the recent budget cuts at TUSD (TUcson Unified School District) your position as a High School Finance Office Asst. has been eliminated. The Human Resources Dept. will be contacting you shortly to discuss the implications of your job being eliminated." signed my principal at the high hands are shaking like a leaf. I don't even want to tell my husband...and there goes my insurance...couldn't even tell me to my face at work about this...sent it in a letter. Dreaded ARD...thanks for ruining my life. I'm a mess now. Just when I try to think positive...I always end up with some more bad news. It never ends...first adhesions, then a hernia, now I've lost my job and insurance...and almost all hope. LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marianne

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