Re: wet keyboard

From: marianne bolding (
Sat Aug 11 14:27:49 2001

One day my nephew will be older and getting married (15 now)...boy, I'll feel older than! LOL Have loads of fun. I wish my hubby would wear dark black cowboy boots, a crisp white oxford shirt with a bolo tie, a black cowboy hat, dark black jeans, shave the fuzzies...and ooh la la. He's from Texas, too...just doesn't act like a southern boy...he's a rocker boy...plays guitar pretty good too...can't sing though. HA HA Love ya Have fun, Marianne --- wrote: > Marianne,
> Your husband looks like Allen Jackson? You lucky
> girl! My son and I are
> going to my nephew's wedding today in San Diego so I
> am up early, we've got
> lots to do. It should be a very nice day in San
> Diego, I only wish my
> husband were going with us. He is in Lake Havasu
> with his buddy and their
> fathers, boating. Take care, have a great weekend!
> Love,
> Lesa

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