Re: Marianne Bolding

From: marianne bolding (
Sat Aug 11 14:23:59 2001

Will absoulutely do Lillian...I go back August 27th to see if the feelings have decreased. If not, Tube down the throat time to look at the intestine and esophagal acid damage. As Sally says...that puter of yours needs a "tougher skin"! LOL Hi Sally Marianne --- wrote: > Hi marianne,
> I don't know whats going on in there but i'm on pain
> pills again after 7
> weeks painfree after surgery aand i'm frustrated.
> Let me know if you ever
> find out whaaat thaat is and I will let you know if
> I do.Excuse the print my
> puter is sensitive to thhe touch.
> Love,
> Lillian

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