Needing ANSWERS !!

From: Kris (
Thu Aug 9 19:42:09 2001

Hello !

I went to the Dr. on monday of this week. He examined me and told me he could feel tons of adhesions. I told him my problems with my bowels. They are not empting very well and always full. I am bloated and the pain is increasing. We talked ALOT about having the adhesions removed. I am so scared. I know I at least have a partial obstruction. I am taking fiber , and trying to increase my fluids and step up my activity. He wants to see me in 2 weeks, and then if no better schedule surgery. How will I know if my colon becomes all the way obstructed, this scares me waititng. I also am very scared to have this done. He cannot do a lap he is going in with a small incision so I have to stay for a while he said it depended on what he finds. Can any of you give me advice, and if things get to bad should I call him and tellhim I do ot want to wait. Any advice on diet to get throuth this. I feel so full, and am !! Please anyone !!! thanks, Kris

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