Re: Trying to Recover

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 9 18:44:07 2001

Bobbi, I hope your doctor at least gave you info on cleaning the wound site, or an anti-biotic to deal with infection. An abcess is caused by bacteria or a foreign object. If it's infected you should be on meds. I had one on my face (chin) after surgeory to remove a pre-cancerous growth. What he did was not get all the stitches out. It pushed itself out through an abcess and it took 3-4 weeks! The same thing happened from my adhesion surgery at the navel...however, it wasn't as bad as the a big white-head zit (though pus isn't always visible). He used dissolvable stitches, but, for some reason they don't always dissolve, I guess. Is this why he's pushing it out so long...he thinks its a stitch? I'm a little concerned for you. The bacteria that forms in an abcess is that of strep. You should research abcesses on the internet...just to make sure you are getting what you need. Not to be preaching...but, just cause I care. Love, Marianne --- Bobbi Yates <> wrote: > I am finally back online. I had my adhesions
> removed 3 weeks ago for the 8th time, but I cannot
> seem to get to feeling better at all. I have lost
> 31 pounds and last week I had to have an abcess
> drained but
> it has not worked as of yet. The Dr. says if it
> doesn't get better
> in a week I'll have to have my incision completely
> removed
> yee haw...I'm finally getting in to a pain managment
> clinic
> the first part of Sept. thank goodness. Hugs to
> ya'll, Bobbi
> --
> Bobbi Yates

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