An awful tragedy

From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Aug 9 15:02:11 2001

Dear friends and anyone else reading this board, recently, a young, 20 year old girl who had just been diagnosed HIV positive stole a few opiate prescription pain pills and died. We believe that she had only taken a couple of pills plus drank a small amount of alcohol. She was not trying to kill herself, but was trying to "escape the reality of her dreaded disease". After her death it was learned that the tests were wrong. She was not HIV positive at all. She had vomited during the night from the pill/alcohol combination and it presumably went into her lungs, killing her.

So, please dear friends, never keep your pills where they can be stolen by anyone: your kids, their friends, the neighbors, visitors, out and out crooks, etc. and if you or anyone you know are tested for something like aids, get a confirmation test. My husband is a volunteer fireman and he said it was one of the worst calls he had ever been on. They tried to bring her around. She was so young, pretty and healthy looking, but they couldn't bring back the dead. We pray to God that she is with him and resting peacefully in Heaven.

I massaged her hands and feet for an hour calling for her to come back but she couldn't. After they prolaimed her dead I said a prayer service over her from memory. With great sorrow, Sally

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