Re: wet keyboard

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 9 00:47:31 2001

Chrissie, wouldn't it be funny if you're keyboard took batteries and they were low...maybe there's a small piece of fudgesicle stick stuck under there! You're dog certainly is a perfectionist to only ruin one key on the whole keyboard. Dang! What a "wiz" he is...ha ha (get the pun?) Love, Marianne --- wrote: > Hi Chrissie:
> Hey maybe McGraw being jealous of that keyboard
> taking time away from him,
> took a little whiz at it just to get your attention
> back. I can't even think
> what is causing your keyboard to not use caps, or
> question marks, etc. Yep,
> maybe time for a new keyboard. If I get the chance
> I'll ask at work
> tomorrow, I work close to the computer labs and
> instructors. Now you didn't
> accidentally go to preferences and ask for some
> strange illiterate
> punctuation (tee - hee).
> Love ya,
> Helen

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