Re: open incision

From: Jean Long (
Thu Aug 9 00:43:03 2001

Sounds like an infected incision to me. I had one with my first incision due to emergency C-section. I was open for 3 months and on antibiotics and irrigations etc.(mine had burst open with infection though).

I also know of two people who had to have their incisions left open after a burst appendix which caused infection (one was left open, another that they had to open). JEAN

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Dear Bobbi:

Oh Bobby, darn those adhesions. So sorry to hear the bad news about the surgery. See if they can get your pain clinic appoinment moved up for you, September is a long time to wait for help with your pain. I do hope that your surgeon will keep you comfortable until that time. He better keep you comfortable!!!! Now, please let me know why you developed an abcess from the surgery? Why do you have to be cut open and left open to heal? This sounds terrible.


Helen C.

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