Re: wet keyboard

From: Jean Long (
Wed Aug 8 18:16:53 2001

If you ever spill something on your keyboard turn it upside down immediately until it has time to dry out or you will need to replace your keyboard. Better yet....don't ever have open containers or glasses near the computer or keyboard, drink then close container again etc. (LOL). JEAN

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From: Janet Karam To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2001 12:16 PM Subject: Re: Chrissie...Did you?

Dear Chrissie,

Hi Honey! This happened to me when I accidenally spilled drink into keyboard part of my laptop. Either that or McGraw reprogrammed your computer while you were sleeping to make it more doggie-user friendly!

Love you Chrissie!,


hi Helen, i have no idea what happen........i think i hit the ctrl button and something else, then poof, there went my caps, i can't even do a question mark........ekk. please be patient with my little caps and not exclamation point or question mark emails till i figure out what i did - leave it to me huh.. when i do my spell check, it fixes some of the caps - phew love ya helen `chrissie xo's

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