Re: I don't know-Hi Marianne

From: marianne bolding (
Tue Aug 7 23:43:39 2001

Kathy....thank you....I take your hug and give you one back, too. I bet you ate lots of fudgesicles with Chrissie, huh? That's a "real" friend. I'm glad someone was there for you and your husband has gained understanding. My husband cannot handle "too" much pressure...either he doesn't try at all...or he tries too much. I pray he will reach a balance with my health problems. That he can just learn to become a better listener. I keep telling him he doesn't have to have answers for everything...sometimes I just need an ear. God Bless and thanks again. Love, Marianne --- wrote: > Dear Marianne,
> I am soooo sorry to hear that you are having such a
> horrible time. I cannot
> attest to the pain as I haven't been there to the
> degree that most of you
> have. I can attest to the feelings of being alone
> and unappreciated by those
> that I spent so much time loving,supporting, and
> helping. I am very fortunate
> to have a few good friends like Chrissie that helped
> me. Sometimes having a
> friend speak to your husband helps. I know mine
> finally heard what I had been
> saying for weeks once it came from someone other
> than me. I wish that we
> could all come and help and give you a big hug.
> Please know that there are
> alot of people who care here! Keep looking and you
> will find someone near to
> you to give you the hug that you deserve!
> Wishing you the best and better days to come!
> Kathy R

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